IBA President Umar Kremlev Discusses the Importance of Keeping Politics Out of Sports  

Umar Kremlev, the president of the International Boxing Association (IBA), recently spoke about the future of boxing at a press conference in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. During the conference, Kremlev emphasized the need for cooperation and compromise in the sport of boxing, and highlighted the IBA’s commitment to helping athletes and National Federations develop the sport.

According to EU Reporter, during the press conference, Kremlev emphasized that boxing should be kept out of politics and that cooperation and compromise are essential for the sport’s development. He noted that boxing is a friendly family that will continue to grow regardless of political strife. Kremlev spoke about the issue of interaction between the IBA and the IOC, stressing that each organization should focus on its own responsibilities without interfering with each other and athletes’ interests.

The IBA has always been open to dialogue, and a commission has been created to interact with the IOC. Kremlev mentioned that the investigation into corruption under the rule of former AIBA President Xi K Wu has nothing to do with the current state of affairs in the organization.

The topic of the US and UK initiative to create an “alternative boxing association” was also discussed during the press conference. Kremlev stated that the IBA is the only international association that governs boxing and is trusted by 205 countries. He questioned the idea of registering an association in a “garage” and calling it international and asked why anyone should pay attention to it.

The press conference also addressed the US Boxing Federation’s previous decision to withdraw from the IBA, with Kremlev noting that American athletes themselves are requesting help in organizing a new federation, and the decision to withdraw was an exclusively bureaucratic initiative that does not reflect the views of the athletes.

Regarding funding, the IBA plans to allocate between $50,000 and $100,000 to each National Federation for the development of boxing after submitting a development plan.

Kremlev emphasized the focus on cooperation, noting that the IBA’s task is not to limit athletes but to help them. There are no questions about the popularity of boxing, with 120 countries having submitted applications to acquire the rights to the finals, and athletes from Europe personally contacting Kremlev to resolve current problems in the interests of everyone.

In conclusion, the press conference highlighted the IBA’s commitment to the development of boxing and its cooperation with other organizations while focusing on its responsibilities. Kremlev emphasized that politics should be kept out of sports, and cooperation and compromise are essential for the sport’s growth. The IBA is trusted by 205 countries and is the only international association governing boxing. With a focus on cooperation and development, the IBA aims to help athletes and ensure the sport’s continued popularity worldwide.


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