Registration certificate of Novaya rasskaz-gazeta was canceled at the suit of the RKN

The Basmanny District Court of Moscow annulled the registration certificate of Novaya rasskazh-gazeta at the suit of Roskomnadzor.

The agency claims that the media did not come out for more than a year. It was registered in March 2009, and the first issue of the New Story-Gazeta was released only in July 2022. The RKN became aware of this fact only on May 25. Why it took so long to file a claim, the representative of the department did not explain.

“The first issue came out on July 15, and the plaintiff applied on the 22nd. The RKN was notified as early as June 1 that the publication of the New Story-Gazeta was planned for July. After the release of the issue, the grounds for satisfying the claim disappeared, ”a representative of the editorial office said in court.

On September 5, the Basmanny District Court of Moscow satisfied the claim of the RKN against Novaya Gazeta and declared the license for the printed version of the publication invalid. The department claims that in 2006 Novaya Gazeta changed the editorial board founder, but did not submit a charter to the RKN, as required by the law "On Mass Media". On September 15, the Supreme Court will hold a hearing on the deregistration of the Novaya website.


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