FSB conducted searches at 187 “Columbine and M.K.U supporters” in 46 regions of Russia

The Federal Security Service (FSB) reported on searches of 187 people in 46 regions of Russia.

The agency claims that these are “members of online communities of supporters of the ideology of mass murder, administered by the moderators of the terrorist movement Columbine and the Ukrainian radical group Maniacs. Murder cult."

The FSB press release says that during the searches, 30 out of 187 people were found with cold weapons, materials of a terrorist and extremist nature, and correspondence with “Ukrainian ideologists of massacres and members of nationalist armed groups.” In addition, it is reported about the found instructions for sabotage, which were allegedly planned to be arranged at the facilities of the Russian authorities, education and transport.

In early February, the Supreme Court of Russia, at the suit of the Prosecutor General's Office , recognized the "movement" "Columbine" as terrorist. Initially, "Columbine" is the name of the American school, whose students shot 13 people in 1999, but over time it has become synonymous with the word "schoolshooting". After 21 people were killed at the Kerch Polytechnic College in 2018, Roskomnadzor began blocking the Columbine communities without a court order.

"M.K.U." - a group of teenagers, which, as stated, adheres to the ideology of racial superiority. Investigative authorities in Russia link her to Ukrainian neo-Nazis. "Kommersant" stands for the abbreviation "M.K.U." like Maniacs. Killer cult”, “Mediazona” – as “Youth who smiles”.


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