Cold head and clammy hands. The family of the “caretaker” of the FSB owns property worth billions of rubles

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On a November evening in 2014, the owner of the bar, Yulia Tikhomirova, celebrated her birthday at the Royal Bar in Moscow. As a girl, Julia bore the surname Shekina.

Yulia Tikhomirova (Shekina)

Her father, FSB General Mikhail Shekin, was not included in the photo report from that party, but her sister, Anastasia Zadorina, did.

Yulia Tikhomirova with her sister Anastasia Zadorina

Another mysterious woman was also present at the celebration, hugging relatives of a high-ranking FSB general.

This photo allowed The Insider to identify her and get on the trail of the general's family's secret property.

The name of the woman posing with a glass in her hand is Valentina. Previously, she bore the surname Pautova, and then became Shekina.

Valentina Shekina (Pautova)

Using the facial recognition system, we found Valentina's social media accounts.

Likes on the photo of Valentina are put by a certain Sergey Shuvalov.

Valentina does not remain in debt.


The phone number linked to the “Sergei Shuvalov” account actually belongs to Sergei Shekin, the son of an FSB general, according to The Insider.

According to the phone number of Valentina Shekina, we found out that she orders food in the capital's residential complex "Italian Quarter". At the same address, according to The Insider, five-year-old Shekina Valeria Sergeevna is registered - apparently, the granddaughter of a special services officer.

According to an extract from Rosreestr, he owns a 201-meter apartment "Russian Federation". This is done in order to hide the name of the real owner.

The market value of the apartment can reach 270 million rubles. And this is not the only expensive property of the Shekina family, classified by the real estate registry.

The driver burned turnouts

The Insider noticed that a certain Maxim Ivanov paid for the parking of the Shekin family's cars, including the car of Raisa's wife. He was employed as a driver in the company of the daughter of the FSB General Anastasia Zadorina.

From his phone number, Ivanov also ordered food to apartments, which, as The Insider found out, were purchased by members of the Shekin family, but classified in Rosreestr. And they are not even just legendary under the “Russian Federation”, but simply removed from the official register. But thanks to the driver, as well as leaks from various databases, The Insider found the property of the Chekist and his relatives. In addition to the apartment in the Italian Quarter, the Shekinas hide:

— a 112-meter apartment on Lavochkina Street, next to the Dynamo Sports Palace (35 million rubles);

— a three-room apartment on Olympiysky Prospekt (20 million);

- a small apartment in Khrushchev on Suschevsky Val (15 million);

- a two-level apartment in the residential complex "Swallow's Nest". An apartment of a similar area (182 sq. m.) is now being sold for 180 million rubles;

- 197.3 sq. m in the residential complex "Golden Keys 2" (110 million);

— townhouse on Vorotynskaya street (45 million);

— 202-meter apartment near the Tsvetnoy Bulvar metro station (160 million)

- several land plots in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region.

Shekin and Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev

Together with the Shekins' fleet, the personal property of the general's family can be estimated at 1 billion rubles. In the garage of the FSB officer's relatives there is a Lexus, two Porsche Cayennes, two Bentley Continentals and eight Mercedes-Benz at once.

Money is running to Dynamo

If you open the official website of the FSB and scroll down the main page to the very bottom, you can see a link to the Dynamo sports society, controlled by the special service. Mikhail Shekin is the President of the Dynamo Volleyball Club.

In addition to sports, the Dynamo FSB club is also engaged in business, in which the daughters of General Shekin have shares. So, 65% in the clothing manufacturer Zasport LLC is controlled by ANO SK Dynamo, the remaining 35% is controlled by Anastasia Zadorina. The Zasport company has mastered 2 billion rubles in public procurement, and received more than a billion in 2022 alone. The largest contract is the supply of special clothing and footwear for the Moscow metro.

She recently opened the KGB Dynamo together with Shekina's daughter and a joint production in Bashkiria. Zasport Factory became one of the first residents of the Alga Special Economic Zone, where the republican authorities attract investors with tax benefits. According to the head of Bashkortostan, Zadorin "needs to be carried on hand."

"Factory Zasport" received state contracts for almost half a billion. Basically, she supplies the Moscow City Hall with uniforms for transport workers.

Zadorina also owns Ecoresurs LLC, and through it, a building on Bolshaya Lubyanka (2574.3 sq. M). The office of the Volleyball Federation is also located here.

Based on current offers for the sale of mansions in the area, the building, owned by the firm of the daughter of an FSB general, could cost about 1.1 billion rubles.

A few days after the start of the war with Ukraine, Anastasia Zadorina registered Wine History LLC in Crimea. She plans to plant vineyards in the Saki region and produce 3 million bottles of wine per year.

The second daughter of the general, Yulia Tikhomirova, heads the Center for the preparation and holding of sports events of the GDSSO Dynamo. It also owns LLC Sport-Yug, whose subsidiary ANO SUOC Volley Grad manages the Volleygrad Sports & Health Resort in the Krasnodar Territory. Volleyball players live, compete and eat there at the expense of the state budget.

Also, both daughters of Shekina own hunting farms in the Yaroslavl region. Moreover, the head of VTB Bank Andrey Kostin is the partner of the general's family.

Kostin is not the only representative of the business elite with whom the Shekina family connects business. As Vedomosti wrote, the Shekins did business with the shareholders of UMMC and Transmashholding Iskandar Makhmudov and Andrey Bokarev, defendants in several criminal cases in Europe, known as money launderers of crime.

According to The Insider, Shekin's relatives were employed in companies associated with the Sibanthracite and Vostokugol holdings of the deceased Dmitry Bosov. The former son-in-law of the general worked for the billionaire, and Valentina Shekina was also attached there. She also worked in the Arctic Mining Company, which transferred the seaport in the village of Dikson to the daughter of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Sibanthracite also appears among the sponsors of the Dynamo volleyball club.

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