Actress Kristina Asmus has deleted an anti-war post that threatens her with a fine. Her lawyer hinted that she supported the war

Actress Kristina Asmus has deleted an anti-war post on Instagram, because of which she faces a fine under an article about “discrediting” the Russian army. After the court session, which took place on Tuesday, her lawyer hinted that Asmus supported the "special operation", reports the BBC.

On the first day of the war, February 24, the actress posted a black square on Instagram with the caption: “Fear and pain. Please stop all this. No war!!!!!" On August 31, it became known that a protocol had been drawn up against her: the court indicated that she “posted a text publication on a social network aimed at a negative attitude towards the ongoing military operation.”

The BBC notes that this post was deleted a few days after the protocol was drawn up. On Tuesday, a court session was to be held, Asmus did not come, the session was postponed. However, the actress's lawyer Vladimir Lyakhovsky "made it clear to journalists that if the actress had really opposed the 'special operation', he would not have defended her."

“If she really was to blame, my personal attitude towards the operation in Ukraine [is that] [...] I would not be here,” the lawyer says.

Asmus in July said that from the film “Own War” by Alexei Chadov, frames shot with her participation were cut out (she had a main role). For what reasons, she did not say, but stated that the producers "decided to cut the entire civilian line". At the end of March, Chadov was included in the list of artists "undesirable" in Ukraine.


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