Propaganda robot, imported Coca-Cola and the “tiger” train: what was shown to the visitors of the WEF

On September 5, the Eastern Economic Forum opened in Vladivostok. As in the case of any state event in Russia, dubious exhibits were invariably waiting for the guests of the EEF.

So, the visitors were introduced to a robot-propagandist: his name is android Alex, he is engaged in the fact that "attracts attention and communicates with customers." He loves the news, but he gets it, of course, from the Zvezda TV channel of the Russian Ministry of Defense. He knows how to pronounce, as the developers say, as many as 20 words.

Alex was made by the Promobot company, which created the famous Dunyasha from SPIEF (who was then immediately harassed by the journalist). True, Dunyasha, unlike Alex, does not watch the news, but only sells coffee, ice cream and compliments.

At the WEF, another robot was also presented, which undertook to solve Russia's large-scale tasks due to the war - namely, to make up for the outflow of Russian IT specialists who left the country. They named him Adam. How he was going to cope with the consequences of the war is unknown.

Not without the traditional robops from the Chinese AliExpress, which roams from forum to forum.

In addition to dubious robots, for some reason, people at the forum were waiting for a special stand from the Prosecutor General's Office, and treated visitors to a seaside alternative to Coca-Cola - Drink Cola. The guests, among other things, were presented with a “tiger” train as part of the Tiger Day. At the same time, there were no "stars". Dima Bilan was invited to discuss the importance of tigers - he said that he helps them not only with words, but also with a “penny”.


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