Navalny sued the colony for being sent to a punishment cell for an unbuttoned button

The founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), Alexei Navalny, filed a lawsuit against the head of IK-6, Yuri Korobov, for sending him to a punishment cell for an unbuttoned button. This is stated in the press service of the Kovrov city court.

According to the politician, being sent to a ShIZO is illegal, such a violation does not correspond to the "gravity and nature" of the penalty. In addition, the administration of the colony did not take into account the personality and behavior of the convict.

For the first time, Navalny was placed in a punishment cell on August 15: the formal reason was that he “regularly unbuttons” the top button of his prison uniform while in the industrial zone. The politician himself and his associates consider this revenge for the creation of a trade union for prisoners, which Navalny announced shortly before. Then he was placed in a ShIZO for three days, but they promised to make the detention center his "permanent residence" if he did not "reconsider his attitude."

The second time he was sent to a punishment cell on 24 August. The politician wrote that he was locked up there for five days, allegedly due to the fact that during the previous escort he did not hold his hands behind his back for three seconds. On August 30, it was reported that Navalny ended up in the ShIZO for the third time: then the reason for the week-long isolation was that he "wrongly introduced himself." At the same time, the politician himself said that he was "too politically active for a prisoner." In addition, law enforcement officers are annoyed by the trade union of prisoners he created. He quoted the employees: “They didn’t put them in jail for the trade unions to do here.”


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