Liz Truss is the new British Prime Minister

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has become the new Prime Minister of the Kingdom.

Thus, she overtook the former head of the UK Treasury Rishi Sunak and became the leader of the ruling Conservative Party. Liz Truss has replaced Boris Johnson as prime minister.

Truss is known for speaking harshly against Vladimir Putin and his aggressive policies. In recent weeks, during the campaign for the post of party leader, she did not tire of repeating that, even as prime minister, she would support Ukraine and give a tough rebuff to the aggressor. In particular, she said that Volodymyr Zelensky would be the first person she would call in her new post.

Like Sunak, Truss took the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher as her guide in her campaign. Wanting to please the members of the conservative party, Truss tries in every possible way to imitate her style. She tries to be like Thatcher both in clothes and in "toughness of statements". Truss herself denies this in every possible way, admitting, however, that she deeply respects Thatcher as a great leader. Read more about the political career of the new British Prime Minister and her plans for a new post in The Insider.


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