In Bucha, the remains of two people burned during the Russian occupation were found – the head of the National Police of the Kyiv region

In Bucha, Kyiv region, the remains of at least two burnt people were found in a garage. This was reported by the head of the National Police in the Kiev region Andrey Nebitov in the Telegram channel:

"The remains of at least two citizens killed by the invaders were found in one of the garages of Bucha."

According to him, the police found the bones, the room was completely burned out. Local residents claim that the Russian military killed several civilians during the occupation. Law enforcement officers also found two chains, a cross, a hexagonal star, a hairpin and three keys on the spot.

The head of the National Police noted that if someone found out the things described and has information about the dead, one should call the number "102".

In June, Important Stories identified eight Russian military personnel operating in Bucha. Journalists were able to obtain these data by analyzing outgoing calls from the mobile phone of a local resident Ivan Skibe. The phone was found by a resident of Bucha in one of the houses on Yablonskaya Street. Using these data, it was possible to find out that Russian servicemen Alexei Vishnevsky, Ilya Saburov, Maxim Grushevsky, Radiy Zaburin, Mikhail Guryanov, Daniil Konovalov, Alexander Popov and Dmitry Antonnikov called Ivan Skibe to Russia during the occupation of Bucha.

In May, Reuters journalists found that during the occupation of Bucha, the 76th Airborne Division from Pskov, the Vityaz division of the Russian Guard, and military personnel from Chechnya operated in the city. Among other evidence, the presence of the Pskov division in Bucha is indicated by a letter found by a local resident in his house upon his return to the city. It was addressed to a soldier named Alexander Logvinenko, who was later identified by Reuters as a paratrooper from Pskov.


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