All class materials have been removed from the site of the pseudo-patriotic school project “Conversations about the Important”

The content of the "patriotic" project for Russian schoolchildren "Conversations about the important" is now "classified". All materials for future classes have disappeared from the site , the Telegram channel “We Can Explain” drew attention.

All thematic plans were removed, including those for classes devoted to the “special operation” in Ukraine. So, in the next lessons, schoolchildren should be told that today's war is “a manifestation of true patriotism” and that it is needed to “protect the population of Donbass, who were subjected to bullying and oppression by the Kyiv regime.” Children, as conceived by the authors of the course, should also realize that "the Russian military are heroes."

Only topics remained on the site, as well as the materials of the first lesson, which should take place today, September 5, in honor of Knowledge Day. At it, according to the plan, teachers should explain to children that Russia is a "country of opportunities", and also begin to educate "active patriotism as a value-semantic attitude towards the motherland."

The study guides for these lessons were the first to be noticed by Important Stories. The publication wrote that officials were going to instill love for the motherland in younger schoolchildren with the help of the sounds of Russian nature and images of Russian landscapes. As they grow up, children will be explained that true patriotism is “a willingness to defend their homeland with weapons in their hands”, they will be told about a “special military operation”, “Russian people” in the “DPR” and “LPR” and NATO bases.

Nestka alleges that teachers were refused to pay for these lessons separately, as this is an "extracurricular activity", while officials say that classes are mandatory.

Even children with disabilities, for example, those with an autism spectrum disorder, were going to talk about “patriotism” in the conditions of the “special operation”.


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