Oryx: Russia lost at least 1002 tanks in the war in Ukraine. This is five times more than during the entire time of the First Chechen War.

Dutch Oryx researchers gathering information from open sources reported that Russia lost at least 1,002 tanks in the war in Ukraine.

This is the data confirmed with pictures. According to Oryx, out of 1,002 tanks, 620 were destroyed, 42 damaged, 51 abandoned, and 289 captured. These losses are more than five times Russia's losses during the entire First Chechen War. According to Oryx , Russia then lost 193 tanks. During the Second - 23, during the Russian-Georgian - three.

According to British intelligence, the heavy wear and tear of Russian tanks in Ukraine is likely due to the fact that Russia was unable to install dynamic armor on them. When used correctly, it reduces the effectiveness of incoming projectiles before they hit the tank. These problems are not new to the Russian army: the same situation with tanks was during the First Chechen War.


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