Krymov’s performances are canceled in Moscow – Theater magazine

Moscow theaters have received an order to cancel all performances by Dmitry Krymov, the Theater magazine writes . In particular, performances have been canceled at the Pushkin Theatre, Pyotr Fomenko's Workshop, the School of Modern Drama and the School of Dramatic Art.

At the same time, performances are still listed on the posters of federal theaters: in the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater and the Theater of Nations. “From which it follows that the next destructive actions were initiated by the Department of Culture of the city of Moscow,” writes Theatre.

Maria Smolnikova, an actress of the School of Modern Play, who plays in Krymov's productions, commented on the cancellation of performances:

"Why? Do not speak. We probably already understand everything ... Is this the end? <...> You can't imagine how much love there was in this theater... How much sincere faith in the theater and in man... How much hope, how much kindness... I don't understand why? Is it really better without all this in the theater?

As the Theater recalls, on February 25, Krymov arrived in Philadelphia to stage The Cherry Orchard. The director did not plan to stay in the USA, but in the end he said that he did not consider it possible to return in the near future, although he dreams about it: “The fact that I am here now is not a solution. It's the will of chance."

About modern Russian culture, Krymov spoke as follows: “This is the knock of an ax on a cherry orchard. Cherry trees are cut down right in front of our eyes. This is the end".


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