In Volgograd, a children’s circle raises money for equipment for the Russian military in Ukraine – “Beware of the news!”

In Volgograd, the Vista children's circle is raising money to buy equipment for the Russian military in Ukraine. The Telegram channel “Caution, news!” writes about this, which had at its disposal a screenshot from the parent chat of the circle.

As Beware the News! points out, Vista is a local "talent academy" for kids ages 2.5 to 14 that teaches choreography, vocals and acting. Vista employees collect money from the parents of their students for night vision goggles and a diesel heater. In total, 300 thousand rubles are required.

At the same time, as indicated in the message, the parent of one of Vista's students is at war in Ukraine: "We will not hide that this is also a personal matter for us."

In mid-August, Important Stories wrote that employees of the Kursk NPP were forced to hand over money for gifts for the Russian army. In the “donation” application template, station workers are invited to “donate” money as part of the Labor Hour campaign for the City Initiatives Support Fund. According to the source of Important Stories, such extortions at nuclear power plants occur regularly: “This is already perceived as some kind of tax. But, probably, even if they start taking money for entry, we will still go - there is no other work nearby. ”

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