The Russian Ministry of Defense published a video of the “destruction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”. In the video, the military shoots at sunflowers and grass

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation published a video that allegedly shows the "destruction of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine." It is alleged that these are footage of the combat work of the Airborne Forces units.

“On the defense sector of the formation, the enemy attempted a breakthrough. At that time, it was decided to bring into battle the reserve of the formation commander as part of a flamethrower platoon, which destroyed the advancing units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with fire from infantry flamethrowers "Bumblebee" and prevented their breakthrough, ”the publication says .

At the same time, in the video itself, the military simply shoot with flamethrowers at sunflowers and even just at dry grass. There are no units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military equipment, or at least some traces of the presence of the Ukrainian military on the footage.

In addition, the publication Current Time drew attention to the fact that, judging by the metadata of the video, it was recorded on July 31. The project in the video editing program was called "Classes_1DShB_v2", apparently, this stands for "classes of the 1st air assault battalion (or brigade)", the newspaper writes.

American Daily Newspaper

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