The list of sanctions from Navalny’s associates was supplemented by persons involved in The Insider’s investigations. And Steven Seagal

The International Anti-Corruption Foundation has expanded the list of Russian corrupt officials and warmongers who should be sanctioned by the West. The updated list includes the heroes of The Insider investigations, Important Stories and The Project. And also Steven Seagal and Irina Allegrova.

So, for example, the list now includes Iskander Makhmudov and Andrey Bokarev, oligarch businessmen associated with the Izmailovo organized criminal group. After many of Putin's friends fell under personal sanctions in 2014, Makhmudov and Bokarev became one of the main recipients of the state order. In 2021, The Insider published an article about how businessmen got their hands on Russian Railways electric trains by privatizing the Central Suburban Passenger Company.

The list also includes the head of counterintelligence of the FSB, General Nikolai Yuryev, and his daughter Alexandra. Alexandra Yuryeva owns luxury real estate, leads a luxurious life and is associated with a company that makes money on dubious deals with Roscosmos and the Ministry of Defense. Read more about this in the investigation “The Russian Federation is my middle name. How the daughter of the head of counterintelligence of the FSB hid her elite real estate.

The list included St. Petersburg criminal authority Ilya Traber, nicknamed "Antiquarian" - a businessman and a longtime friend of Putin. You can read about how Traber and his accomplices from the Tambov organized criminal group launder their biographies here .

Navalny's associates also included family members of presidential aide Igor Levitin, a former transport minister. The fact that the family owns a huge fortune in Russia and abroad, The Insider told here . Luxury real estate is registered with Levitin's niece and his own daughter, who, together with the ex-minister's brother, is connected with railway magnates.

Oleg Govorun, deputy general director of DOM.RF, also appeared on the list: he worked for many years in the government and the presidential administration, and was once a close associate of Vladislav Surkov. About how Govorun bought up luxury real estate - in the material "Putin's People's Commissar. Oleg Govorun bought 2 thousand square meters. m in the house of Narkomfin for 1.7 billion - to accumulate so much, it would take him 100 years.

Diana Gindin, the wife of State Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik, was also included in the expanded list. She, like her husband, is associated with the Tambov organized criminal group and its leader Gennady Petrov. Diana Ghindin also has American real estate. She owns an apartment in Miami worth $3.8 million. These are far from all the assets that she and her husband hide from sanctions. For more details, see the article “Apartments in Miami, families in Europe, billions in accounts: what deputies of the State Duma are losing due to sanctions.”

In addition to the heroes of independent media investigations, Irina Allegrova and Steven Seagal appeared on the list. The first is for supporting the war, while Seagal is a long-time admirer of Putin. In August, he even traveled to the Donbass to Yelenovka. The actor was shown there "fragments of American missiles, which confirm the involvement of Kyiv in the massacre of its own military." At that time, the Russian military did not allow the experts of the UN and the Red Cross to see this “evidence”.

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