Occupation authorities in Mariupol threaten Ukrainians to send their children to “pro-Russian” schools – mayor’s adviser

Pro-Russian officials are intimidating Ukrainians in the captured Mariupol: they are massively threatened with deprivation of parental rights if they do not send their children to schools created by the new “authorities”. This was told by the adviser to the mayor of the city Petr Andryushchenko in his Telegram channel.

Andryushchenko showed a screen of messages that parents receive. School administrations “bring to their attention” that “there will be no distance learning in the liberated territory.” Residents whose children do not appear at school face a warning, then a fine of 40,000 rubles, and then deprivation of parental rights.

“Another crime against humanity. Once again, we call on Mariupol residents to evacuate. Save yourself and your children while there is time and opportunity,” wrote the assistant to the mayor.

In July, students and teachers of one of the schools in Mariupol, which was completely destroyed by the Russian military, wrote down an appeal to the Ukrainian authorities - they asked them to organize online education in order not to go to a Russian school.

Andryushchenko at the end of May said that the occupation authorities would try to prepare children for Russian educational standards during the summer. According to him, in the new academic year they were going to open 9 schools in the city, but could only find 53 teachers.

The fact that teachers from the Russian regions are trying to lure to the "south-western territories" was written by many media outlets. In the summer, they were offered 8,000 rubles a day for work - ads were posted in teachers' chat rooms.

American Daily Newspaper

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