The Russians are stockpiling in case of a nuclear war. The country buys iodine and radiation meters

Since March, Russians have begun to buy potassium iodide sharply - people who are in the zone of radiation damage need it. In the spring and summer, sales of drugs on Ozon and Wildberries increased several times, according to Forbes, data from the Moneyplace analytical service.

Thus, demand increased by 103% in April compared to March, by 40% in May compared to April, by 42% in July compared to June. In August, the rush demand fell - analysts say that "the most emotional purchases have already been made earlier."

Biacon's Iodine+Selenium tablets, Consumed's potassium iodide tablets, Maxler's Liquid Iodine capsules, and GLS's iodine capsules were the most sold drugs.

The excitement also affected devices for measuring the level of radiation. From August 1 to August 22, sales of dosimeters on the same Ozon and Wildberries grew by 161% compared to July.

Purchases are being made amid news of a possible nuclear war, Moneyplace explains. Thus, in August, the situation at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, seized by Russian troops, escalated : the Russian and Ukrainian sides repeatedly accused each other of shelling. At the same time, Russia stores ammunition right at the station - dangerously close to power units. British military intelligence released satellite images on August 25 showing Russia keeping military vehicles and armored personnel carriers 60 meters from the reactor.

According to UN Secretary General António Guterres, the risk of a nuclear catastrophe has become the most serious in decades.

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