Baza: In the Kursk region, unidentified people blew up the railway track

In the Kursk region, unidentified people blew up the railway track, Baza reports without citing a source. There are no official comments yet.

“The damage to the rails was noticed by a railway employee on the morning of August 24th. On the section of the Klyukva-Kursk haul, he saw a funnel under the rail and a small chip. Later, investigators and forensic specialists arrived at the site of the explosion - in their opinion, they tried to blow up the rails with an improvised explosive device weighing about 400 grams, ”writes Baza.

Traffic on the damaged area was not stopped, but the speed was reduced, the newspaper notes.

On August 10, Baza already reported that in the Kursk region, unknown people damaged the Lgov-Sudzha railway, probably they were trying to undermine it. The damage to the rail at the 28th kilometer of the road was discovered by a tractor driver passing by and immediately called the station. The railway track was closed, the mechanics who arrived at the scene came to the conclusion that the rail was damaged due to an attempt to blow it up, and called the security services.

On August 9, in the Kursk region, the second power transmission line was blown up. The damaged support is located 20 km from the Kursk nuclear power plant and 100 km from the border with Ukraine. The previous similar case in the private sector of Kurchatov was reported on August 4: the distance between two damaged pillars is about 15 km.

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