WSJ: US will step up pressure on China and India for helping Russia

The United States intends to increase pressure on countries that continue to support Russia, including bypassing sanctions. First of all, we are talking about China and India, and the American authorities also intend to focus on reducing Russia's income from the export of its own resources, hitting the banks and crypto exchanges that the Russian authorities use to make payments. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing sources in the White House.

A separate item of the American plan is the “Russian oligarchs”, who continue to help Moscow bypass Western restrictions and arrange supplies of sanctioned products to Russia, including those of a military nature. It is also planned to increase pressure on countries that have not joined the sanctions, but in every possible way benefit from cooperation with Moscow.

Chinese authorities have previously said they will not join "illegal restrictions" that harm the Chinese economy and businesses. The United States is confident that China is helping Russia with the supply of high-tech products, including those for the military industry. Now the United States intends to focus on finding and eliminating ways to circumvent Western sanctions by Russia, the newspaper notes. Thus, the White House expects to undermine the financial stability of Moscow and reduce its military potential.

The publication notes that representatives of the American establishment have already negotiated with their Chinese and Indian counterparts, moreover, there were similar negotiations with representatives of the Turkish political elites. Recently, Turkey assured that it does not intend to violate the Western sanctions regime, the Indian authorities have not publicly spoken on this issue, but it is known that the United States was negotiating to reduce the volume of purchases of Russian oil.

American Daily Newspaper

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