Mundep Jankauskas will be judged under an article about discrediting the army for fasting with the prayer of the Pope

An administrative case was brought against the Moscow municipal deputy for the Zyuzino district, Konstantin Yankauskas, under an article about discrediting the army because of his post in which he quoted the prayer of the Pope.

“The Zyuzinsky court received a protocol from the police for my post dated March 14th. This is the prayer of Pope Francis for peace and an end to the war in Ukraine. So simple and understandable for any believer, and just for any person, the words that I just quoted them in their entirety. And there is nothing more to add to them. I don't really understand what to say in court. How can praying for peace and life discredit someone? This is some kind of absurdity and a real attempt to call white black, ”Jankauskas himself commented on the case.

The post, because of which Yankauskas is facing trial, looks like this:

The trial will take place on the morning of August 26 at the Zyuzinsky District Court.

As of the end of July, the Russian police had drawn up more than 3,300 protocols on "discrediting" the Russian army.

American Daily Newspaper

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