FSB: the murder of Daria Dugina was committed by Ukrainian special services

The Russian FSB said that the murder of Darya Dugina in the Moscow region was carried out by Ukrainian special services.

According to the FSB, the perpetrator of the murder of Dugina is a citizen of Ukraine Vovk Natalya Pavlovna, born in 1979, who disappeared after the crime in Estonia. It is also noted that Vovk arrived in Russia on July 23, 2022, along with her 12-year-old daughter (Shaban Sofia Mikhailovna).

“On the day of the murder, Vovk and Shaban were at the Tradition literary and musical festival, where Dugina was present as an honored guest. After a controlled explosion of a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado car driven by Dugina, on August 21, Vovk and her daughter left through the Pskov region to Estonia, ”the FSB reported.

On August 21, publicist Alexander Dugin and his daughter were returning from the Tradition festival near Moscow at the Zakharovo estate. At the time of the explosion, only Daria was in the car, she died on the spot. Dugin's acquaintances had previously told the media that he himself was supposed to drive in the car, but at the last moment he changed his mind and moved to another car.

The head of the self-proclaimed DPR, Denis Pushilin, blamed Ukraine for the incident. Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, said that Ukraine was not involved in the death of Dugina, "because Ukraine is not a criminal state, which is the Russian Federation."

Former State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev said that activists of the "National Republican Army" were behind the explosion of Dugin's car.

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