A resident of Lithuania was sentenced to 4 months of restriction of freedom for calling for reprisals against Russians

Lithuanian resident Vytautas M. was sentenced to 4 months of restraint of liberty and a fine of 500 euros for a Facebook comment in which he called for the massacre of Russians because of the war in Ukraine. Delfi writes about it.

Under one of the posts on the social network dedicated to the topic of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the man left the following comment: “I saw a Russian, **** on the head.” In response to criticism, he also wrote: “My words, my freedom or lack of freedom. If anything, I will sit, and you will continue to pee in your pants.

As a result, the man was prosecuted after a complaint to the police.

The court concluded that Vytautas M. “publicly called for discrimination against Russians as a group of people, singling them out on a national basis, called for violence against these people, and also mocked Russians, aroused hatred towards them.”

At the trial, Vytautas pleaded guilty and explained his action with emotions: “I agree that by writing such a public comment, I committed a bad deed, I sincerely regret it. <...> The Russian military rape women there, kill children, that's why I wrote such a comment," he said. “I myself would not do this if I met a Russian, I am not against Russians in general, Russians in general are not to blame for what is happening in Ukraine.”

Vytautas M. was convicted four times, the last time for damaging someone else's property, the statute of limitations on this case has not expired.

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