Wizz Air decided not to resume flights between Moscow and Abu Dhabi

Hungarian low-cost carrier Wizz Air has decided not to resume flights between Moscow and Abu Dhabi. About it writes Reuters with reference to the statement of the company.

In early August, after announcing the resumption of flights with Russia, Wizz Air faced harsh criticism, with calls on social media for a boycott of the airline. In her statement, however, this is not indicated as a reason for the delay, only "industry restrictions in the supply chain" are mentioned.

Prior to the postponement, Wizz Air planned to resume flights between Moscow and Abu Dhabi on October 3 and make them daily. At the same time, on April 1, the low-cost airline canceled all flights to and from Russia until October 30 due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Because of the war with Russia, not only foreign carriers stopped cooperating. Another of the consequences is the reduction in the number of flights by Russian airlines. Also, due to sanctions, there is an acute shortage of spare parts, and in order to replace parts, part of the fleet has to be dismantled for spare parts. And the most dangerous thing is that Russia has been cut off from updating international route maps, which makes landing planes risky. The Insider, on condition of anonymity, spoke with an Aeroflot pilot about how the consequences of sanctions for Russian aviation look from the inside.

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