Mines in the sandbox, rockets for kids, Nazi tattoos. How is the exhibition “Army-2022” in the park “Patriot”

The exhibition of Russian weapons "Army-2022" started in Kubinka near Moscow on August 15 and in five days became a supplier of a lot of news, but not about weapons, but strange exhibits. For example, about a robot dog that walked around the exhibition with a grenade launcher on its back. The robot was presented as a Russian development, but it turned out to be a Chinese robot dog from AliExpress, which cannot shoot and can be easily hacked. However, the Chinese robotic dog fit into the general surroundings of Army-2022, since the other “exhibits” of the exhibition are even stranger.

Photo: Sota

The exhibition itself is located in the Patriot Park next to the Temple of the Armed Forces, the very one in which the wall is decorated with a fresco with the faces of Putin, Shoigu, Lavrov. According to correspondents, the exhibition is focused mainly on children. In particular, the Avangard organization at its stand offered the organization of a children's holiday in a military theme for five thousand rubles and five-day military training for children for 40 thousand rubles.

The main exhibits of the exhibition of Russian technology are captured Ukrainian equipment, as well as rockets stuck in the ground with the inscriptions "all the best for children." Nearby is the congress hall, where Sergei Shoigu, Sergei Mironov, Irina Yarovaya and various foreign delegates from North Korea, Indonesia, Mozambique and Brazil came to listen to lectures.

The main topic of the reports were biolaboratories in Ukraine, where deadly viruses are allegedly developed to kill the Russian people, Ukrainian fascists, the NATO threat to the Russian Federation, and so on. One of the "lecturers" was Mufti Talgat Tajuddin, who had a nosebleed during an emotional speech. All this was listened to not only by the military, politicians and delegates, but also by children, priests and veterans. Children are pupils of various cadet institutions, as well as the Yunarmiya. On one of the priests hung the star of "Hero of Russia".

One of the zones at the exhibition was a first aid zone. The mannequin, which demonstrated the provision of such assistance, was without part of the leg. There was a tent nearby where you could buy buckwheat porridge with stew and tea for 400 rubles. When the correspondent bought a sausage in dough, the waiter gave it away with the words "the partisans in the rear are ready." There is also a blood collection point, which is then sent to the front. One of those who donated blood fainted, according to the correspondent, no preliminary tests are being carried out. Nearby, Voentorg sells "jackets like Putin's" - meaning the jacket in which Putin rested with Shoigu in the Taiga.

Photo: Sota

Also, as part of the demonstration of the destroyed Ukrainian equipment, there is an exposition with mannequins depicting the Ukrainian military, teachers and bartenders. All the mannequins have “tattoos” painted on them – symbols of Azov, the coat of arms of Nazi Germany, a swastika, cobwebs on the face, and so on. An armored personnel carrier stands nearby on the sandbox, children's toys are scattered mixed with mines - "petals". A wounded Ukrainian soldier is lying on the ground with a brand new imported splint on his leg, the second soldier is holding a drip with one hand, and the other is shooting at someone with a pistol. "Attention mines," says a red sign next to the toy truck.

There was also a cultural section at the exhibition. Topics: "Historical background and conditions for the emergence of the ideology of fascism", "neo-Nazism in the modern world: causes of existence, forms of manifestation, development trends", "work with youth is a key area of ​​activity for international anti-fascist forces." In one of these sections, the editor-in-chief of Literaturnaya Gazeta, Yuri Polyakov, spoke about how “in 1942 we shot patriotic films, but now there is none.”

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