Rosleskhoz: the authorities of the Ryazan region hid the scale of forest fires and “missed” the situation

For the third day in the Ryazan region, forests are burning. Smog appeared in Ryazan and Moscow. In this situation, Rosleskhoz blamed the forestry authorities of the region.

According to the department, the authorities of the Ryazan region hid the real areas of fire, thereby missing the situation with natural fires. This did not allow "in time to build up federal forces" to extinguish the burning forests.

The smell of burning and smog is already observed in Moscow. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations , the situation in the Moscow region is under control, there is no threat of peat fires, since the peatlands are flooded. The repetition of the smog of 2010 in Moscow is ruled out by the department.

On August 17, Pavel Malkov, Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region, reported that there were five hotbeds of natural fires in the region on an area of ​​84.8 hectares. In the Spassky and Klepikovo districts, an emergency mode was introduced. The Ministry of Emergency Situations sent additional forces to the Ryazan region.

American Daily Newspaper

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