An ammunition depot caught fire in the Belgorod region. Video

An ammunition depot caught fire near the village of Timonovo, Valuysky urban district, Belgorod region. This was announced in the Telegram channel by the governor of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov.

According to him, there were no casualties or casualties. Now the head of the district is taking the residents of the villages of Timonovo and Soloti to a safe distance, Gladkov added. He also clarified that the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Eyewitnesses publish video on the network, explosions are heard on some videos.

On August 3, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov announced that schools and kindergartens would be temporarily closed in five districts of the region, located in a five-kilometer border zone, and on September 1, children would be forced to go to institutions in other districts.

Gladkov also claimed that some local residents intentionally damage their houses in order to make repairs at the expense of the authorities, who must compensate the victims of the shelling. Read about what the war looks like from the Russian side of the border and what locals think about it, the governor and their future, read in The Insider.

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