Half of Russian air traffic controllers sent to “partial downtime”. The union appealed to the prosecutor’s office

Approximately half of the air traffic controllers in Russia (about 15,000 people) have been sent to "partial downtime." According to Vedomosti , the president of the Federal Trade Union of Air Traffic Controllers, Sergei Kovalev, said this in a letter to the Prosecutor General's Office.

In an appeal dated August 16, Kovalev asks for a re-inspection of the State Air Traffic Management Corporation. According to the union, they are reducing staff and withdrawing employees from the production process, "introducing downtime or part-time work to save the payroll."

This is the second letter from the trade union to the Prosecutor General's Office. Earlier, according to the results of the audit, the department did not find violations.

In May, the trade union asked the president to allocate up to 15 billion rubles in subsidies, because due to the reduction in flights, air navigation became unprofitable and the state corporation would not be able to pay salaries to employees in October 2022.

In July, the trade union accused the Federal Air Transport Agency of non-payment of pensions to air traffic controllers and filed a complaint against the head of the department with the prosecutor's office.

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