Georgian human rights organizations demanded to introduce a visa regime for Russians

Georgian non-governmental human rights organizations demanded the introduction of visa restrictions for Russian citizens "for the sake of the country's national security." They also demand to review the legal status of those who have already entered. The statement of non-governmental NGOs is quoted by Novosti-Georgia. The 19 organizations said in a statement that "restriction of the rights of citizens of an occupying or hostile country is a common practice and is consistent with internationally recognized human rights standards."

According to Georgian NGOs, the visa regime for Russian citizens should be introduced because of the actions of the Russian authorities, which unleashed a war in Ukraine, as well as continuing the occupation of Georgia. “The ongoing occupation, the ethnic cleansing committed by the Russian Federation in Georgia, the crimes against humanity, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and the approach often used by the Russian Federation - intervention in a foreign state under the pretext of the so-called protection of its own citizens - creates a sufficient basis for establishing a visa regime,” the statement says. in a statement.

It is also noted that obtaining political asylum and refugee status in the country can be considered individually in each specific case.

American Daily Newspaper

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