SBOL application appeared in the AppStore, completely repeating Sberbank Online, removed due to sanctions

Sberbank placed the SBOL application in the AppStore, the functionality of which completely repeats Sberbank Online, which was removed from the application store due to sanctions. Sota drew attention to this.

In May, Sber denied that he was working on a rebrand after Sota wrote about it:

“A fake appeared on the network that we are preparing a rebranding: we will rename Sber to SBOL in order to return our application to the Apple and Google marketplaces. Information about the rebranding is not true: we do not plan anything like that.

On the page of the new SBOL application, Sber is never mentioned, but when downloading the application and entering its card number, users get a complete analogue of Sberbank Online, Sota notes (at the same time, it sends customers of other banks to their online services).

Behind the development of the application is the Open IT Solutions company, which is not formally affiliated with Sber, and was founded on February 18.

American Daily Newspaper

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