“A concrete kennel 2.5×3 meters, a hole in the floor and 2 cells under the ceiling” – Navalny was placed in a punishment cell

The founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, Alexei Navalny, who is serving time in a Russian colony, was placed in a punishment cell.

The formal reason was that Navalny “regularly unbuttons” the top button of his prison uniform while in the industrial zone. The politician himself and his associates consider this revenge for the creation of a trade union for prisoners, which Navalny announced a few days ago.

Navalny was placed in a ShIZO for three days, however, as he himself writes, they promised to make it his "permanent residence" if he did not "reconsider his attitude."

The politician recalled that ShIZO is the most severe punishment in the legal prison hierarchy:

“It's set up like this. Concrete kennel 2.5 × 3 meters. Most often it is unbearable there, because it is cold and damp. I have a beach option - very hot and almost no air. The porthole is tiny. There is no ventilation. At night you lie and feel like a fish on the shore. The iron bunk is fastened to the wall. At 5 am they take away the mattress and pillow (this is called “soft inventory”) and raise the bunk. At 9 pm the bunk is lowered again. Iron table and bench, sink, hole in the floor. There are two chambers under the ceiling. Dates are forbidden, letters are forbidden, transmissions are forbidden. The only place in the prison where even smoking is prohibited. Paper and pen are given for 1 hour 15 minutes a day. Walk - an hour in the same cell, but with a piece of the sky. All the time searches and hands behind his back.

On August 11, Navalny announced the creation of the Promzona trade union for prisoners and employees of the colonies, the purpose of which is to monitor how their rights are respected.

American Daily Newspaper

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