Ex-deputy of the “DNR”, crime boss Yuriy Krikulenko killed in Gorlovka

In the occupied Gorlovka, Donetsk region, a crime boss, ex-deputy of the “DPR” Yuriy Krikulenko, was killed. This is reported by the Ukrainian media, the information of The Insider was confirmed by a source in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the source, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the building where the militants gathered, Krikulenko was among them. The source notes that, according to his data, at least six people died along with Krikulenko.

Yuriy Krikulenko was considered one of the leaders of the "DPR", he was behind the organization of the so-called "Russian spring" in Gorlovka in 2014. He was a member of the inner circle of Igor Bezler, the commander of the "People's Militia of Donbass" in Gorlovka, after the latter's departure from the "DPR", he first clashed with the gang of crime boss Armen Sargsyan, and later became his partner. Their main "business" is the removal of scrap metal, gas stations and a nightclub.

American Daily Newspaper

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