A video of the interrogation of the “Skopin maniac” has been published. He showed me where he hid the body

There was a video of the interrogation of the "Skopin maniac" Viktor Mokhov, who tells how he helped hide the body of an acquaintance, 43-year-old Sergei Shchukin, who was killed during a feast in his house.

On August 10, it was reported that Mokhov was sentenced to 10 days of arrest for non-compliance with the administrative requirements of the court, now a criminal case could be opened against him for harboring a particularly serious crime.

According to media reports, on the day of the Airborne Forces, five acquaintances came to visit Mokhov. The company was drinking, at some point Mokhov decided that Schukin had stolen a goose from him. Another friend - Yevgeny Polishchuk - stood up for the "Skopin maniac", hitting Shchukin in the neck with his elbow, and killed him on the spot.

According to investigators, at night Mokhov helped a friend drag the body into the courtyard of an abandoned house, the body was found a few days later.

Viktor Mokhov was sentenced to 17 years for kidnapping two girls in 2000 - a 17-year-old vocational school student and a 14-year-old night school student - and kept them in the basement of a garage for four years, where he systematically raped them.

In March 2021, Mokhov was released from the colony. He was placed under administrative supervision for six years with a number of restrictions. After his release, Mokhov gave an interview to Ksenia Sobchak. During an interview, he stated that one of his victims gave birth to children by him, but stopped having children when she was rescued. “I need to do it again,” said Mokhov.

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