In opinion polls, Russians are equally ready to support both war and peace if they are told that this is Putin’s decision.

More than half of Russians believe that the war in Ukraine has dragged on, according to a survey by the Russian Field sociological service. At the same time, 60% of respondents would support Vladimir Putin's decision to launch a "new offensive against Kyiv", but almost the same number - 65% - would approve Putin's decision to stop the war and sign a peace agreement.

According to the survey, two-thirds of the men surveyed (62%) are not ready to personally take part in hostilities in Ukraine, which is six percentage points higher than in May. 29% of the respondents expressed their desire to participate in the war.

There are few people willing to help the Russian army financially: 67% of the respondents are not ready to donate money for the war, and 12% agree to spend no more than one thousand rubles a month on this.

In April, sociologist Sergei Erofeev explained specifically for The Insider why it is worth approaching the assessment of such surveys critically.

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