Defender of Azovstal died in the DPR pre-trial detention center. According to TASS, the cause of death was “drugs”

A defender of Azovstal, who was taken prisoner, died in the DPR pre-trial detention center, his name has not been released. This is reported by TASS with reference to a "source in the investigating authorities." At the same time, according to the Russian state agency, “drugs” became the cause of his death.

“One of the members of the SS Bears sabotage and assault group, which killed more than 100 people, became addicted to drugs before being taken prisoner at Azovstal, which provoked complications of chronic diseases in him, and then death in a pre-trial detention center,” TASS writes. .

On July 29, a prison in Yelenovka in the Donetsk region, where Ukrainian prisoners of war, including fighters from the Azov regiment, were previously held, was hit. As a result, 53 people died and 130 were injured. The strike was reported by the authorities of the "DPR", the Armed Forces of Ukraine claim that the strike was inflicted by the Russian military in order to accuse Ukraine of war crimes and hide the torture and execution of Ukrainian prisoners.

On July 15, it was reported that Paul Ury, a Bitanian, died in captivity of the “DPR”. The local self-proclaimed authorities called the cause of his death "chronic diseases."

According to Uri's relatives, at the time of his arrest, Paul had insulin with him, as he suffered from type 1 diabetes, and the authorities of the "DPR" could not help but know what kind of drug it was and for what diagnosis it was prescribed. They said that representatives of the "DPR" did not let international humanitarian organizations to the prisoners, who wanted to check the conditions in which the prisoners were being held. According to relatives, Uri could have been tortured, although there is no independent confirmation of their assumptions, the BBC previously reported.

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