32 people were taken away from the camp for “refuseniks” in the “LPR” in an unknown direction. Commanders “cover their tracks” because of the check of the UK

32 people were taken away from the camp for "refuseniks" in the "LPR" in an unknown direction. The commanders are "covering their tracks" due to an investigation by the Investigative Committee (IC) following media reports, one of the soldiers who got out of the "special center" told The Insider.

According to him, the “refuseniks” from the camp are first taken to a hospital in Luhansk, while many are sent to the hospital with minor injuries, such as a bad finger. From there, military personnel are gradually “evacuated” to Russia, and representatives of their units come for some of the soldiers. The soldier also claims that 32 people were taken away “in an unknown direction”: it is not known whether they could have been evacuated to Russia or returned to the rear.

Lawyer Maxim Grebenyuk reported the day before that the camp in the colony of Perevalsk in the Luhansk region was closed. The servicemen who had previously left the "special center" in Bryanka confirmed the information to The Insider. One of the soldiers said that they began to “evacuate everyone indiscriminately”, also the Wagner PMC fighters left the camp, who “guarded the military”, but in fact tried to recruit them into PMCs and “break them”, convincing them to return to the war with Ukraine.

20 prisoners managed to get out of the "special center" earlier, but only two submitted applications to the Investigative Committee (IC) - the rest are afraid.

The fact that the Russian military, who refused to fight in Ukraine, is being held in custody in Bryanka, Lugansk region, beaten and forced to return to the front, became known on July 26. Several military men who managed to get out of prison at once told The Insider that the fighters of the Wagner PMC and representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense — Colonel Nechiporenko and Lieutenant Colonel Tumanov — are “breaking” people. The Russian military leadership denied any involvement in what was happening in Bryanka, saying that the contract soldiers were being held by the Luhansk military.

At least 130 people were kept in the "special center", people were taken back to the front and new "refuseniks" were brought in. The Insider published information about 17 of them. The father of one of the contractors told The Insider that after three months of service, they were promised a vacation and the opportunity to refuse further participation in hostilities. When the contractors wrote refusals, they were detained and taken to the same Bryanka in the Luhansk region. The father of one of the “refuseniks” said that all the soldiers from Bryanka were taken to a colony in Perevalsk, after which his son disappeared. It is from Perevalsk that servicemen are now being hospitalized in a hospital in Luhansk and evacuated to Russia.

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