Russian troops brought an unknown cargo to the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, sources say that the power plant was mined (video)

Sources at The Insider at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant in Energodar, which has been occupied by Russia since March, report suspicious activity by Russian soldiers on the site. The publication also has a video at its disposal, in which Russian military trucks drive into the territory of the nuclear power plant and unload some kind of cargo.

According to the source, a convoy of military trucks arrived at the nuclear power plant on August 2. The trucks stopped between the first and second power units, and after some time, part of the convoy, one by one, began to enter the territory of the machine room of the first power unit through the cargo gates. According to this source, the machine room was mined.

According to another source, about 500 Russian soldiers and military equipment, including armored personnel carriers, anti-aircraft guns and equipment for radiochemical reconnaissance, are on the territory of the station, and the area around the station is mined by Russian troops. According to the source, there are GRAD batteries near the village of Vodianoe, closest to the nuclear power plant, and Russian soldiers store mines and ammunition in close proximity to the power units, under overpasses, and part of the ammunition is even inside the power unit. Whether the power unit was mined or simply used to store explosives is unknown to the second source.

According to the source, the capture of the station was led by Major General Alexei Dombrovsky, after which the command was transferred to Major General Valery Vasilyev of the RF Armed Forces.

The shelling that was recorded on the territory of the nuclear power plant today is considered by both sources to be a staged provocation. According to an employee of one of the units, as a result of today’s shelling, the backup power supply throughout the station was de-energized, and at the 3rd unit, 2 security systems worked and diesels started (this means that the unit’s security system was de-energized).

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