The network of restaurants “Tanuki” sued the founder of the “Men’s State” Vladislav Pozdnyakov 158 thousand rubles

The court in Nizhny Novgorod recovered 158 thousand rubles from the founder of the "Men's State" in damages in favor of Voskhod LLC, which manages the Tanuki network. It is reported by "Kommersant".

Voskhod demanded that the founder of the movement, Pozdnyakov, and two former Nizhny Novgorod members of the organization, Dmitry Gubanov and Igor Nosov, pay damages for last year’s attack, when members of the movement ordered food in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan, then refused delivery and the dishes had to be disposed of.

The reason for the dissatisfaction of the “Male State” was an advertisement with a black male model and rainbow packaging, similar in color to LGBT symbols.

Vladislav Pozdnyakov demanded that these advertising banners be removed from the network and called on Tanuki to apologize to the “Russian nation” for imposing alien values ​​on it.

Supporters of Pozdnyakov, at his call, placed orders in restaurants, which were refused after delivery. The Tanuki website was subjected to DDOS attacks. The ad featuring a black man was published by Tanuki to support another sushi restaurant, Yobidoyobi, which apologized for the ad featuring a black man and two white women after the Men's State attack.

The Tanuki network refused to comply with Pozdnyakov's demands to remove ads, launching a flash mob calling on the creator of Telegram Pavel Durov to block the channel of the founder of the "Men's State".

In the lawsuit, the company sought damages for an action by supporters of the movement, due to which the dishes had to be disposed of after the participants of the "Men's State" refused them. Tanuki also complained to the police about the threats of the "Male State" and false reports about the mining of restaurants in Moscow.

The informal patriarchal group "Men's State" was founded in 2016 by Vladislav Pozdnyakov, an online fitness trainer from Saratov who has been repeatedly accused of inciting hatred and enmity towards women, as well as humiliating human dignity. The movement mainly exists in an online format - on the social network VKontakte and the Telegram messenger - and unites racists and misogynists.

In 2018, Pozdnyakov was sentenced to 2 years in prison for inciting hatred against women (Part 1, Article 282 of the Criminal Code). According to investigators, he led the VKontakte group, in which he "carried out actions aimed at humiliating human dignity in relation to women." Pozdnyakov advocates the expulsion of women from all spheres of public life, explaining this by the fact that men are supposedly "smarter, able to think critically and are not guided by emotions."

In October 2021, the court recognized the "Men's State" as an extremist organization and banned its activities in Russia. Pozdnyakov emigrated from Russia.

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