Belgium freezes 50.5 billion euros of Russian funds belonging to sanctioned individuals and companies

Belgium has frozen €50.5 billion of Russian funds belonging to individuals and companies subject to EU sanctions. This is reported by the newspaper Nieuwsblad with reference to the Ministry of Finance.

Earlier in July, the European Union froze the assets of businessmen from Russia for €13.8 billion. Most of them are located in five EU member states.

On May 26, the European Commissioner announced the freezing of the physical assets of businessmen from Russia for €10 billion. According to Bloomberg , on July 1, the EU countries froze the assets of Russians falling under Western sanctions for another €14.5 billion. In addition, the EU countries blocked the reserves of the Bank of Russia for a total amount of about € 23 billion, while the US Treasury froze four times more assets - worth $ 100 billion. Russia publicly stated that the sanctions imposed against it led to the freezing of Central Bank assets worth about $ 300 billion around the world.

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