Kosovo authorities to postpone ban on Serbian documents for a month

The authorities of Kosovo are ready to postpone the introduction of measures against car owners with Serbian numbers and documents issued in Serbia for a month, Prime Minister of the Republic Albin Kurti said .

“In cooperation with our international allies, we are committed to postponing decisions on vehicle license plates and entry-exit documents at Serbian border crossings for 30 days, provided that all barricades are removed and full freedom of movement is restored,” he said. .

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, in his address to citizens on July 31, warned that the Kosovo police would launch a military operation against the Serbs living in the north of the region at midnight. Vučić later delivered an address to the nation and called for peace:

“We have held talks with representatives of the Serbian people from Kosovo and Metohija, we will try to keep the peace at any cost, I ask the Albanians to change their minds and I ask the Serbs not to succumb to provocations. I ask representatives of powerful countries to pay a little attention to international law and the situation on the ground so that their wards do not cause conflicts. This is my big request. We will all pray for peace and seek peace. There will be no surrender and Serbia will win, if they dare to start persecuting Serbs, killing Serbs, Serbia will win.”

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, also recorded the message:

“Even before we started issuing entry and exit documents at the border crossings with Serbia, illegal Serbian structures in the north began to block roads and shoot. They were preceded by statements, rallies and gatherings in Belgrade. There, these aggressive actions that are taking place today were planned and provoked. Vučić and Petković are primarily responsible for the unrest.
The next hours, days and weeks can be difficult and problematic. We are faced with the well-known Serbian national chauvinism. We will work day and night for you as citizens and for our democratic Republic. And together we manage to maintain law and order in every corner of the country.”

The authorities of Kosovo stated that from August 1 they will ban entry on Serbian documents, and their owners will be issued a temporary certificate. They also talked about the mandatory re-registration of license plates until September 31.

Kosovo considers this a symmetrical response to the fact that Serbia does not recognize the republic's documents.

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