“They are given water from the river, they are all exhausted, they almost do not allow them to swim.” The wives of two Azovstal defenders on the content of prisoners in Yelenovka

Ukrainian prisoners held by Russia in the Yelenovka colony are given river water to drink, minimal meals twice a day, and are allowed to bathe once every two weeks. This was told by two wives of the captured defenders of Azovstal - Alina and Anastasia. Also in the colony are the father and husband of sister Anastasia. The day before, 53 people died in this colony after an explosion in Yelenovka, another 130 were injured. The interview was published by Current Time.

They learned about what was happening in the colony from relatives of other prisoners. “Specifically, no one told me anything about my relatives, about my husband,” Anastasia said. - They just said in general, what is the attitude towards them: they are all emaciated, thin, they are fed twice a day, and then, there are such portions, such food that it can hardly be called food. They are given water from the river, there is no personal hygiene there, they are allowed to bathe, in my opinion, once every two weeks.”

According to two women, the last time they managed to contact their husbands was during the siege of Azovstal. In what state they are now they do not know. Their names are not on the list of the wounded and dead, which are published by the RF Ministry of Defense. Now the women are in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. According to their information, most likely no one transported prisoners from the colony after the death of people.

On July 30, 53 people died in the colony after an attack. Versions of what happened vary - first, the Ukrainian side reported a strike on the colony, then a version appeared about an explosion from the inside, a number of military experts suggest that a thermobaric weapon was struck. Russia insists that it was a UAF strike from American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, however, as noted by the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), the consequences are not similar to those of this MLRS.

Military observer Kirill Danilchenko reports that such damage is impossible after hitting 90 kg rockets, which previously “ pierced concrete slabs, anchors and cables on the Antonovsky Bridge like butter, leaving holes the size of a truck. And then they broke through the roof and there is no funnel, the beds remained intact within a radius of ten meters.

American Daily Newspaper

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