“They offered everyone to conclude an agreement.” A military man who got out of prison in the Lugansk region told how Wagner is recruited into PMCs

The Russian military, who are being held in custody in the Luhansk region because of their refusal to fight in Ukraine, are being recruited into the Wagner PMC. This was told to The Insider by one of the servicemen who managed to get out of the “special camp” in Krasny Luch.

“Everyone was offered to conclude an agreement with Wagner. They said: “If you agree, five days of vacation, if necessary, ten, you will solve problems, you will go through training in the camp in two weeks, and forward. Within two days, the contract with the Armed Forces is terminated and you go to the PMC. They have equipment, everything is there,” the military said.

According to him, Colonel Oleg Nechiporenko, deputy head of the 51st Air Defense Division (military unit 42352) for military-political work, personally offered him to conclude a contract. As an alternative to PMC, Nechiporenko offered the soldier to be assigned to the 57th Bikin brigade (deployment: Bikin city, Khabarovsk Territory).

The Insider's source quoted the conversation as follows:

“- Come to us, in Wagner PMC, we need guys.

“Which of me is a Wagnerian, look.

- Well, let's go to the Airborne Forces.

“A paratrooper is even worse.”

The military also spoke about a meeting in a special camp with a representative of PMC Wagner under the call sign "Lawyer". He told the military that the PMC was expanding its staff and recruiting new people. “Well, I understood from this that they are not expanding, but making up for losses. He said: “Let’s agree, buddy, you’re a normal kid, you can see right away. What are you walking, fussing about, thinking. He started advertising everything to me. I understood that too well - this is immediately a lie, ”says the source of The Insider.

According to the military, military psychologists work in the "special camp" where refuseniks are kept, who are trying to intimidate the military or induce them to accept "certain offers." “Some young guys say that persuasion from psychologists begins. Information is presented negatively, intimidated, let's say. So that a person thinks and wants to return back, ”he says.

In the camp, according to the testimony of The Insider's interlocutor, servicemen of the Eastern Military District, a "commission from the political commissars", which, in turn, is also trying to convince the "refuseniks" are also working with the military.

Full interview with the soldier and other details - in The Insider stream.

The Insider wrote earlier about the fact that the Russian military, who refused to fight in Ukraine, are being held in custody in Bryanka, Luhansk region, beaten and forced to return to the front. The fighters of the Wagner PMC and representatives of the RF Ministry of Defense Colonel Nechiporenko and Lieutenant Colonel Tumanov “break” people. The Russian military leadership denies any involvement in what is happening, saying that the contract soldiers are being held by the Luhansk military.

In the “special center” of Bryanka, according to eyewitnesses, at least 130 people are those who are constantly imprisoned, others are taken to the front and brought in to replace new ones. The Insider published information about 17 of them.

Refuseniks were first transferred to Bryanka, where they stayed for about a week, then transferred to Krasny Luch, both settlements are located in the Luhansk region on the territory of the so-called LPR.

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