The State Duma proposed to recognize Ukraine as a “terrorist state” and confiscate property belonging to its citizens

Deputies of the Just Russia - For Truth faction submitted to the State Duma of the Russian Federation a bill on recognizing Ukraine as a terrorist state and confiscating the property of its citizens in favor of Russia. This was announced by the leader of the faction Sergei Mironov, reports TASS. It was this faction that developed the document.

The bill also deals with the procedure for recognizing other foreign states as “terrorist” or “sponsor of terrorism” states. Which countries will be on the list will be decided by the government, according to Mironov's Telegram channel.

“A number of proposals of our bill concerns NATO countries, which not only supply weapons to Ukrainian terrorists, but also provide them with large-scale military-technical assistance. We propose to recognize the United States and other accomplices of Zelensky as state sponsors of terrorism.

The grounds for recognizing a state as “terrorist” will be “proven responsibility for organizing explosions, arson or other actions that frighten the population and create a danger of human death”; “organization of an illegal armed formation and a criminal community”; "calls for the alienation of part of the territory or violation of the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation."

The recognition of a state as a "terrorist", according to the document, entails the confiscation of property belonging to its citizens in favor of Russia.

On July 14, after the blow inflicted by Russia on the center of Vinnitsa, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky issued an appeal in which he called on Western countries, in particular the United States, to recognize Russia as a terrorist state.

“No state in the world poses such a terrorist threat as Russia,” Zelensky said, noting that no state in the world allows itself to destroy peaceful cities and civilians with cruise missiles and artillery on a daily basis.

He noted that Russia cut off the lives of civilians while a conference on Russian war crimes was being held in The Hague. Zelenskiy added that no other terrorist organization has allowed itself such audacity to kill again when the international community is discussing its previous crimes.

As a result of a rocket attack on the center of the Ukrainian city of Vinnitsa, 23 people were killed, including three children. About 100 people received injuries of various degrees of severity. On the same day that the attacks on Vinnitsa were carried out, an international conference was held in The Hague, Netherlands to coordinate the efforts of the international community aimed at investigating the crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine and ensuring justice.

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