The host of the “Fashionable sentence” Alexander Vasilyev is being checked for discrediting the Russian armed forces – Ksenia Sobchak

Fashion historian and host of the Fashion Sentence program Alexander Vasiliev is being tested for discrediting the Russian armed forces, journalist Ksenia Sobchak claims .

According to her information, the police registered a denunciation of him on July 25. The author of the complaint said that Vasiliev speaks out "against the special operation."

As the journalist notes, we can talk about Vasiliev's open letter , which he wrote to the Visaginas municipality of Lithuania back in March. In this letter, Vasilyev stated that he “opposes an aggressive war,” and emphasized that he had no connection with the Russian authorities:

“I would like to once again thank the administration of the city of Visaginas for keeping my previous and huge collection in a safe place in this tormented world.
I am not associated with the leadership of Russia, have not received any government awards and do not receive assistance for my Antique Costume Collection and Fashion History Collection Fund from Russia. <...>
I have never been a member of any party. <...>
I strongly oppose aggressive war and pray for the security and integrity of the borders and respect for the cultural heritage of Europe!

On July 26, it also became known that the police were checking comedian Danila Poperechny for discrediting the Russian army.

American Daily Newspaper

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