In Chechnya, stripes with the inscription “To Kyiv” were added to the uniform of the security forces – Kavkaz.Realii

For the security forces in Chechnya, chevrons “To Kyiv” were added to the stripes with the designation of belonging to a particular unit. Kavkaz.Realii writes about this. Information about the new stripes was confirmed to the publication by the law enforcement agencies of the republic, specifying that the changes took place at the beginning of last week.

“Since July 18, people in the city have noticed that almost all security forces wear this inscription on their backs,” the source said.

"Kavkaz.Realii" publishes a video filmed in Grozny, where on the uniform of security officials from the regiment of the special police named after. Akhmat Kadyrov already has similar patches.

Chevrons appeared on the uniforms of police officers, OMON units and other law enforcement agencies.

On July 26, it also became known that in Chechnya, employees of the military registration and enlistment offices are forcing non-working men to write an explanatory note about why they refuse to work in law enforcement agencies or serve in the troops of the Ministry of Defense.

In early June, the Chechen authorities reported that more than 8,000 people from the republic went to war in Ukraine, 1,360 of whom were volunteers. In fact, there are almost no real volunteers left: the security forces intimidate local residents, torture them and threaten them with criminal cases. Read about how the Chechen authorities forcibly send their citizens to fight in Ukraine in The Insider.

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