A pensioner who was injured in the shelling of a village in the Bryansk region died in Moscow

In Moscow, died 74-year-old Valentina Zimkova, who was injured in the shelling of the village of Klimovo in the Bryansk region. Baza writes about it.

The shelling of the village took place on the morning of April 14. As a result, 7 people were injured, several houses were damaged. During the shelling, Zimkova lost her leg and was sent to Moscow for treatment. She died at the Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery.

On May 26, in the village of Zhuravlevka, Belgorod Region, a local resident Elena Ushakova died as a result of shelling. The Belgorod authorities refused to pay compensation to her relatives.

“My brother got a call about our details. The social security office found out to whom to transfer the amount, and after that they called him again and said: “You are not entitled to payments.” They did not absolutely argue this, no documents, no articles, no norms of the law, ”said Ushakova’s son.

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