Sofya Sapega’s father paid off the fine on his daughter’s sentence. According to the law of the Republic of Belarus, now she can be pardoned or extradited to Russia

Andrey Sapega, the father of a Russian woman Sofya Sapega convicted in Belarus, paid off a fine of 175,000 Belarusian rubles (about $68,000) on his daughter's sentence. The family's lawyer Anton Gashinsky told the BBC about this, and Anna Dudich, Sapieha's mother, also confirmed it.

This amount is compensation for moral damage to about 70 citizens. According to the court, they suffered from Sapieha's work in the Black Book of Belarus Telegram channel, which published the personal data of Belarusian security officials, officials, judges and journalists of the state media.

The largest sums were awarded to the deputy head of the Vitebsk police department, Dmitry Zyatev, the chairman of the court of the Mozyr district, Anatoly Strelchenko, and a certain Irina Kashchuk. As the BBC writes, the latter is probably the police major of the Lelchitsky District Department of Internal Affairs Inna Kashchuk, who became Irina due to a judge's mistake.

According to Gashinsky, payment of the fine, according to Belarusian law, is a key condition for Sapieha's pardon or her extradition to Russia.

On May 6, a court in Belarus sentenced Sapega to 6 years in prison. She was charged under seven criminal articles. In particular, the girl was found guilty of "illegal collection and dissemination of information about private life, constituting the personal and family secrets of another person, without his consent, which caused harm to the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the victim." At the end of June, she asked Alexander Lukashenko for pardon.

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