Journalist Ilya Azar filed a second report on the “discredit” of the army

A second report on the “discrediting” of the army was drawn up against journalist Ilya Azar (Part 1, Article 20.3.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses). Information about this appeared on the website of the Moscow courts.

Because of what the protocol was drawn up, it is still unknown. As he told Novaya Gazeta. Europe” Lawyer Leonid Solovyov representing the interests of Azar, the material has only just been submitted to the court and it has not been accepted for production.

The first report on "discrediting" Azar was drawn up for his anti-war post on February 28. In June, he was fined 60,000 rubles. According to the court, the journalist "committed actions aimed at discrediting the use" of the Russian army, and also made "public calls to prevent the use" of the army "in order to protect the interests of Russia and its citizens, maintain international peace and security."

As Network Freedoms calculated , the Russian police drew up more than 3,000 protocols on “discrediting” the Russian army. All of them were compiled between March 4, the day the article was introduced, and July 14, 2022. Thus, every working day the police make 35 such protocols on average.

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