Russian commanders threw “refusenik” soldiers into the “LNR”. Relatives of the soldiers are trying to break into Luhansk to rescue them “from captivity”

Russian commanders abandoned contract soldiers who refuse to continue participating in the war with Ukraine in a center for “refuseniks” in Bryanka, Luhansk region. Relatives of the soldiers told The Insider about this.

Relatives of 9 soldiers who ended up in the center went to rescue them in the Lugansk region. The uncle of one of these "refuseniks" said that the other day he crossed the border and talked with the local Russian command. The commanders tell their relatives that they can’t do anything, because the guys are being held captive by the LNR, who allegedly do not obey the Russian command.

The wife of one of the "refuseniks" managed to talk with the commander of the "LPR" himself, who is holding Russian soldiers "captive". According to her, he spoke boorishly and warned that if one of his relatives managed to get to him, he would immediately turn them back, and the "refusenik" himself "would have problems."

Now the relatives of nine soldiers want to break into Luhansk, there are already 15 women there (sisters, wives, mothers of "refuseniks"), they are trying to rescue contract soldiers.

On July 21, it became known that the Russian military who refused to fight in Ukraine were sent to a special center for “refuseniks” in Bryanka, Luhansk region. The Insider was able to contact one of them, who arrived in Bryanka on July 22. Ivan (name changed) wrote a report about his refusal to participate in the war due to moral unpreparedness. Before being in Bryanka, he spent three months in the war. In Bryanka, the military is told that they need to go through two conversations - with a psychologist and with commanders who will decide what to do with the “refusenik”.

Another interlocutor of The Insider - the father of one of the "refuseniks" - said that after three months of service, Russian contract soldiers were promised a vacation and the opportunity to refuse to participate in hostilities. However, when they decided to leave Ukraine, having written refusals, they were detained and taken to Bryanka, where they have been kept in custody for more than a month. According to the man, contractors are kept in terrible conditions: “Some kind of pits, torture and the like. This is what the people who come from there say.”

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