Kirkorov was going to perform in the Crimea for the Russian military. Before that, he did not talk about the war and criticized the propagandist Simonyan

Philip Kirkorov said that he plans to give two concerts in the Crimea and will wait for Russian heroes and wounded soldiers on them. He stated this in an appeal on social networks, the video was distributed by Telegram channels.

The artist said that he would perform on July 26 in Feodosia and on July 27 in Yalta.

“Now, more than ever, it is important for us to unite. Together we are a huge force. I am on my way to the Crimea. I so want to see all the Crimeans, but I will especially wait for all our heroes. I invite our wounded soldiers to my concerts, who are recovering their health in Crimean hospitals and sanatoriums. Russia is a great country!"

Previously, Kirkorov did not speak about the war and Russian "heroes". In May, he criticized the head of RT, propagandist Margarita Simonyan , who said that the artist Maxim Galkin is “a gay who married an elderly woman for averting his eyes and for personal enrichment and convinces everyone that they have true love.” According to Kirkorov, her words are worthy not of a journalist, but of "an obscene grandmother in the market, scattering rumors and gossip."

Filipp Kirkorov has been banned from entering Lithuania since 2021 due to a threat to national security. The Lithuanian court believes that his concert activity is an instrument of Russia's "soft power", and his visits to Crimea show a denial of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and support for Russian aggression. In May 2022, Latvia also banned Kirkorov from entering.

In June, the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, on the proposal of the Security Service of Ukraine, included Kirkorov in the list of persons who pose a threat to the national security of the country. “Creativity is not banned now. You can't cover up music with a piece of paper or a border. […] One should be proud of what happened. In fact, this is not Kirkorov, this is Russia. Hatred for Russia is overwhelming, ”the artist then reacted to the decision of the Ukrainian authorities.

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