“The police told the audience that they would be in trouble if they went to the concert.” The Ministry of Internal Affairs disrupted the Anacondaz concert in Yekaterinburg

The Ministry of Internal Affairs, two hours before the start, disrupted the concert of the Anacondaz group in Yekaterinburg. This was announced from the stage by the soloist of the group Artem Khorev. “Hello, Yekaterinburg, and bye. The concert today is canceled at the request of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. We can then challenge this in the prosecutor's office or in some other fabulous instances. And today there will be no concert, ”Khorev told fans.

The performance was to take place at the Teleclub site at 20:00 on July 22. On the posters there was only the name of the Pauzern picnic concert without the name of the group, since earlier its performances had already been disrupted due to the anti-war position of the musicians.

As the musicians' lawyer Alexei Bushmakov told the Kommersant publication, a couple of hours before the start, police officers arrived at the concert venue and began to turn around everyone who came to the concert.

“They were told that they would have problems if they went to the concert site,” the lawyer says. - The passage of cars to the complex was cordoned off. The reason was that allegedly the organizers did not notify the police about the event, the number of participants. As a result, the event was banned. He also noted that the actions of the police would be challenged in court as illegal.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an unofficial “list of banned artists” with 37 names began to circulate in the internal chats of promoters and concert organizers on Telegram and WhatsApp. It has "DDT", Zemfira and Noize MC. The stop list is constantly updated, the organizers of the concerts say.

In particular, the list includes the Aquarium group. Its permanent leader Boris Grebenshchikov said in an interview with The Insider that it is necessary to oppose the war even when there is no hope of influencing anything. According to him, on February 23, "Aquarium" in full force played the last concert in Russia in St. Petersburg, and all this time Grebenshchikov felt that he was playing "in Munich in 1939."

“Why this was so, I cannot say. But it was unpleasant. Six hours later they brought in the troops. Here, take it how you want. There is a tragic situation, obscenely terrible situation. You can't even call it a war, it's such a monstrous violation of everything that exists in the world, a violation of the dharma, as the Indians would say, of the world order. One country in the center of Europe attacks another country, and the whole world stands and watches.”

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